Rémy Rotenier – jewellery designer and artist

Rémy Rotenier – jewellery designer and artist

‘When my mum’s diamond ring caught the sun and sent gleams to the wall, all those coloured reflections were like pure magic and the wall disappeared.’ (Rémy Rotenier)

Rémy Rotenier, a jewellery designer, comes from Paris, the city of fashion, elegance and gracefulness. And that is exactly what you’ll find in his work. Rémy Rotenier inherited a sense of aesthetics and talent for design from his ancestors who designed lingerie and outerwear made from leather and fur. Although, Rémy Rotenier is the first jewellery designer in the family.

Jewellery designer

‘From the age of three, I enjoyed drawing, the fascination with gems found an anchor and an engine: design.’ (Rémy Rotenier)

Rémy Rotenier studied at the Haute Ecole de Joaillenie in Paris and trained at the top Cristofol workshop. He received a graduate degree in gemmology from the National Gemmological Institute in Paris and a diamond grading certificate (GIA) in New York.

He has worked and designed jewellery for world-renowned companies and jewellers: Alexander Reza in Paris, Tiffany & Co in New York and Kabana in New Mexico. Working for and with top masters of a renowned name strengthened his love of jewellery.

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Rémy Rotenier – Rémy Rotenier, Inc.

‘Now that I spend more time designing for myself, love has changed, it’s matured. Every pencil line, every brush stroke makes more sense, and every new design is a new love affair. Seeing my jewellery come alive has driven my passion for over 35 years.(Rémy Rotenier)

Since 2006, Rémy Rotenier has been managing Rémy Rotenier, Inc, where he can fully express and further develop his design talent. In addition to designing jewellery collections, jewellery for specific customers, he also teaches drawing – jewellery design. He teaches online during the COVID-19 pandemic. He also released drawing courses on three DVDs. With them, you’ll learn the basics but also the drawing techniques that are used when designing jewellery. You’ll learn how to make a black and white sketch of a piece of jewellery directly in front of the customer, how to create a colour painting of a piece of jewellery, and even skilful designers who want to improve their skills will find something to their liking.

‘I love jewellery because it is complete. A combination of art, science and craftsmanship, no other object can contain so much wealth and heart in such a small volume.’ (Rémy Rotenier)

Inspiration everywhere

Rémy has been designing jewellery for 35 years and his designs are still breath-taking and unique. Most of us would probably run out of ideas for new and new jewellery over the years, but not designers like Rémy Rotenier, who knows where to look for inspiration, how to find it, and how to transfer it to jewellery.

‘Thanks to its shameless and insatiable diversity, nature is the perfect playground for designers. I’m not just talking about natural forms; I’m also talking about nature in its broadest definition. Consider the human nature and range of emotions it offers. Emotions push my pencil in all directions.’ (Rémy Rotenier)

But that is not all. Rémy Rotenier also found inspiration in old stone cuts. He presented the public with a new patented facet design, the Rémy Cut, in 2013. He was inspired in this case by an old cut known as the European Cut. He added more facets, increased the sparkle of gems and incorporated them into the Rémy Rotenier for Bella Luce jewellery collection. Rémy would present this collection together with the Lutéce by Rémy collection on JTV (Jewelry Television).

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Private jewellery designer for world brands

‘My favourite piece of jewellery is well-designed, whether it is made of plain or sumptuous material. The first day I became a designer at Tiffany’s, I was told that whether the budget was $30 or $300,000, the integrity of the design must remain constant. This concept immediately seduced me. For me, every design was important.’ (Rémy Rotenier)

  1. Rotenier created charming jewellery collections for some world-famous jewellery stores. His love of design knows no bounds. He designs jewellery of all categories. From lavish and unique jewellery for an exclusive clientele to jewellery that is sold in bulk (on television or in catalogues).

Jewellery collections

The paintings of jewellery that R. Rotenier designs are as great and stunning as the jewellery itself. He can faithfully capture the brilliance, lustre, finish and even the character of precious metals and gems in his paintings.

‘My favourite piece of jewellery I’m working on right now is a brooch. Brooches do not wrap around your finger or brighten your face, but they say a lot about the person wearing them. Because they are not a pendant, they are less prone to damage. This means you can take risks and experiment with fragility and volume. I enjoy the brooch design and the three-dimensional potential of this completely independent object.’ (Rémy Rotenier)

In addition to designing jewellery for customers, the jewellery designer Rémy Rotenier also creates his own collections. Although brooches are currently his most popular jewellery, you can also find other types of jewellery in his portfolio.

Remy Cut

The jewellery collection contains gems that are cut according to the patented ‘Rémy Cut’ facet design. This jewellery collection includes rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. Lovers of sapphires, rubies, zircons and other gems will find something to their liking here.

Some jewellery from this collection can be used both during the day and at night. Just turn them around. The shell pendant is studded with gems on one side and is just a classic gold jewel on the other, which can be worn normally during the day.

Rémy Rotenier, not only likes to play with design but also seems to like secrets. The ring hiding a ruby is an ingenious piece of this collection.

Night flight

Another jewellery collection contains only brooches or rather decorative pins in the shape of a bat. The bat is a symbol of rebirth, a guide in the darkness and a symbol of happiness. Tiny statues of bats made of silver contain several gems. Here you’ll find a bat with peridot, amethyst, topaz, tourmaline, garnet or black spinel. You can attach the fine, decent jewel anywhere.

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Silver heels

Silver heels is a jewellery collection full of shoes. Here you’ll find jewellery in the shape of high heels. Whether you prefer Lady Gaga’s style, Marie Antoinette’s shoes, decent black pumps or extravagant low boots, you’ll find the appropriate jewels here.

The collection contains 6 types of shoes, whereby each piece is made as an earring, a pendant and a bracelet charm. Silver jewellery has different finishes. They include gilded or enamelled jewellery or shoes sprinkled with gems.

Rémy Rotenier is a jewellery designer who continues to captivate the world with his unique and original designs. The works of art are not only the jewels he designed, but also the paintings based on which they were created.




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