How I got in contact with jewelry and started I Love Jewelry

How I got in contact with jewelry and started I Love Jewelry


Writing this article is very difficult for me. Even though the page is impressive, I have many positive and even negative memories of it.

I’ll tell you the story from the beginning and that means from the first moment when I started to deal with a more serious jewel.


I met her at high school. After school she happily played volleyball with her friends. She enjoyed it and I was astounded by her smile. I needed to get to know her. We talked a bit and ended up in the middle of her another activity which was very attractive to me. When I got checkmated, I immediately understood that she was the right one. At that moment I knew that I’d do everything to spend the rest of my life with her. I asked her on a date and secretly planned an engagement.


Someone would say that it was too soon, but for me it was an obvious and logical choice. Justified by quick analysis of the unknown, knowing that if it didn’t work, I’d lose a lot of time. I felt it that way, so I went with it.


I mainly connected engagements with a diamond ring and with wanting to give only the best to your significant other. You don’t want some substitution. To want the best is nice, but to have it is even nicer. When I was opening my wallet, I clearly knew that it was going to be a lot of work. At that time, I didn’t know a single thing about diamonds and even then, I knew that it was bad. Blinded by love and highly motivated, I started to recognize my opponent. That opponent was a diamond ring, which I needed in the best quality and for the least amount of money…


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